Tips for Coming with a Brand Strategy by Yourself

Always keep your purpose in mind

All great brands have a purpose, the reason why they exist and the reason they’ll continue to exist. This purpose is usually of value to the market that they are targeting. E.g. Coca Cola have literally included the slogan “Happiness” to their products; this is essentially what they are trying to sell to their customers.

This campaign was completed by a string of marketing tactic from different formats such as radio, television, youtube adverts, billboards and all major advertising options which are available to a company of their stature.

Above is an example of their “Happiness” campaign, which is all about them being a worldwide recognisable brand – which brings cultures and people together to share a soft drink… As ridiculous an idea as you’d think this is. It is actually a great idea – they are trying to gain their customers trust. And they have. This also takes the attention away from the fact that Coca Cola is majorly unhealthy, “Sure you might be fat, although you have friends!”

Regardless, Coca Cola has a defined purpose which can be read clearly.

Brand consistency is important


Your brand must only be talking about things which are related to your business. Before posting anything onto your facebook or twitter feeds, ask yourself, does this make sense with the message that we are trying to get across? Is this going to benefit the targets that we are trying to reach for our identity?

Having a cohesive message across all social media, advertising and packaging is the best way to give potential customers a clear and accurate idea of what the business is selling.


Show your staff relationship

There are two things you should be doing with your employees. Everyone that you employee should be given a descriptive and informative presentation on the history of the brand, the brands values and where the brand wants to be in 10 years. Doing this will give your staff a clear reasoning for all of the decisions that the company make and allow them to learn to form a better idea of how to represent the brand on social media if they have ever got to post information.

How you treat your staff can also give off a personality for a brand. In places like Asda they use their staff in various adverts.

This is something which helps them form the identity that they have made theirs for the last 10 years, which is to be a family company. Being a family company can have major benefits, as people are more likely to trust you and therefor, more likely to buy products from you.

Whatever your identity is, as a brand you can project your beliefs onto your employees. This natural way of getting a message across is more effective than other ways, and it doesn’t require as much of a budget than you’d require for television and billboard adverts.


Research used methods

The best thing about the internet when deciding on branding strategy campaigns that there is case studies and secondary research everywhere. You can analyse competitors branding and identity campaigns – look at what works for them, what doesn’t work quite as well. If you have a similar target market to a brand, this will be useful as it’ll allow you to save time by avoiding ideas which didn’t work for the company that you are researching.

When seeking secondary research, you’ll find various different websites offering information on this, but you are best to go straight to the experts. Design agencies such as Pearlfisher brand strategy have has years of experience of completing brand strategies to form identities which customers will want to invest in.

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