5 Nifty DIY Tricks


Everybody should try and improve their DIY arsenal and be able to perform the simpler tasks around the home, whether that is putting up a shelf or a little tiling. Here are 5 nifty yet simple tricks to help avoid extra hassle and work when you are performing these simple tasks.

Use a Post-it When Drilling

If you are drilling holes in your walls, then save yourself hoovering and cleaning up time by using a post-it to catch the debris from the hole. Simply fold the post-it double, attach to the wall just under where you plan to drill, and voila all of the dust and shavings will be neatly caught in its fold.

How to Re-Use Old Paint

Making it’s just for a touch-up or maybe you are thrifty and want to put that old tin of paint to use, but whatever the reason, you can reuse it! First of all, remove the skin from the top of the paint, then stir the paint thoroughly. Next, using a suitable container, sieve the paint through an old pair of tights to remove the lumps left, and there you have the paint all ready to be reused.

Cleaning Your Hands After Painting

Nobody likes that sticky tacky feeling after you’ve been painting, especially if it has been a glossy paint, and if you are just using soap and hot water, it can be a nightmare to get off! This easy trick solves the problem for you without resorting to harsh chemicals. Using just ordinary vegetable oil work it well into your hands, paying particular attention to the areas that have been stained, before washing off with hot water. Not only will the stickiness have been removed and most of the residue, but your hands will also be left soft too!

Hammering Nails Safely

Have you ever hit your fingers or thumb when you’ve been hammering a nail? Then you will know how painful it is; but there’s no need to put your precious digits in the line of fire. Using either a hair grip or a clothes peg, you can hold the nail in place with your hands out of the way as you safely wield the hammer.

Sharpening Scissors

This one has to be the easiest one of all and takes hardly any effort at all. Have a pair of kitchen scissors that have seen better days and are now blunt? Just take a piece of fine sand-paper and make a few cuts through it with the scissors and they will once again be sharp.


Now I know I only said I’d give you five, but since you’ve made it this far why not throw another one in.

Look In The Wrong Places


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Seriously go and have a look at finding a promotional code for Very and take a little gander through their home section.

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