5 Ways to Improve your Home Security though DIY Tricks


Your home is your castle they say, so make sure that it’s well protected! Not only can it save you on insurance premiums, but it can also defend home against intruders and give you peace of mind. Find out some simple DIY tips right here.

  1. Apply internal hinges to door

Hinges can effortlessly be removed by household intruders, if the hinges are facing the exterior side of the door. Surprising this is something that regularly occurs with many households in the UK. To avoid a trespasser gaining access to your household you can easily reset your hinges to the interior so that they can’t be meddled with from the outside.


  1. Don’t expose wiring

Revealing wiring around the outside of your house could prove to be very significant to exposing your security system. If possible intruders can, from the outside, learn how to tamper with exposed wires and potentially terminate your home security system. To avoid this, store the household wires where outside public won’t be able to gain access.

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  1. Mislead potential meddlers

Burglars notably are further likely to burgle a residence when the proprietors aren’t present. If you leave your house unoccupied most of the time, it’s more likely that you could be burgled. So give a false impression. You can acquire automatic timers for your security lights, and if switched off at the right time it can create activity which will throw off a potentially burglary.


  1. Apply metal bars

Sliding doors in the UK have been a huge contribution towards break-ins as of recent years, although I’m not suggesting that you should replace it with an ordinary wooden door, there is something that can be included to improve security. These can be put in place when the house will be unsupervised and could be the difference between intruders gaining access to your house. Although the glass can be smashed; the metal bars can act as a guard to the residence.


  1. Inaugurate deadbolt locks

Although its more costly and upscale than ordinary spring latch locks, deadbolt locks tend to be of much better quality, which adds to the strength of the door. Adding at least one-inch thick deadbolts to the exterior parts of all your doors. Although, when installing deadbolt locks, make sure that there’s a small or no space from the door and their frames, this will stop intruders from trying to force the door apart. Another tip would be to reduce space by using plywood or metal sheets that will add extra strength and reinforcement to the door.


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