Air Con Maintenance


As the summer months start to kick in, now more than ever we notice how well our air conditioning units are performing. Check out right here to find out ways to ensure that you air con stays cool and working this summer.
Much like during the winter with our boilers, if we notice something with our air conditioners isn’t performing as well as it should be or breaks down, it can be a huge inconvenience. Not only do you have to get it fixed as soon as possible but the specialists and experts we rely on to fix these problems are usually run off their feet.

Trying to avoid breakdowns when we most need our air con seems obvious but when you see how busy the technicians get as soon as the weather heats up you will realise how much we neglect them when we don’t use them.

Experts in refrigeration and air conditioning services, Inducomm, recommend you take care of your air conditioning unit all year round to ensure it performs as well as it can and it also helps to cut down the chances of breakdowns when you do need it.

It can often be a daunting task if you are unsure about a piece of machinery and we would say that if you aren’t comfortable and 100% sure about your safety at all times call in an expert. You should never take any unnecessary risks which could lead to expensive mistakes or worse. Sohere are some quick tips to help to clean your air conditioner and get a better performance.

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Replacing the air filter will make a big difference to your machines performance. You should be able to purchase one ffrom your local hardwear store but remember to check which kind of filter you need by consulting the users manual or taking the old filter top compare inthe shop. You should always follow you user manual for details on how to safely replace your filter, remember to always shut off the power to the unit before you start.

When you have opened up the compartment be sure to vacuum any dust. You can clean the drain tube that collects condensation. This can sometimes become clogged so you can either clean it or buy a replacement.Make sure you have replaced all the parts correctly before restarting the power to your unit. Cleaning the outdoor unit can be a much trickier task and this is probably best left to an engineer unless you have a good knowledge of your air conditioning unit.

Being able to do this fairly regularly should not only decrease the possibility of a breakdown but will also improve the performance of your machine when you need it most.
There are a good number of step by step guides online and another good way to ensure you are doing things right is by searching for your own specific unit model on YouTube where there are countless instructional videos that will help you to clean your air conditioning unit.

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