Five Great Money Saving Tips


One of the main reasons to DIY is the fact that it should be saving you money. So check out these easy-to-follow tips to help make sure you don’t overspend on your DIY budget!

Don’t overspend on tools

Declan Curran, who is the founder of HomeFix (a London based property repairs and maintenance company) said: “Sometimes it’s worth investing in tools that are likely to last for years”. Saying that all the many types of power-tools that are prone to be used for a long weekend DIY marathon and then left to sit in the corner of the garage for the rest of eternity to gather dust and cobwebs. Instead I’d recommend borrowing or renting equipment for small amounts of time, this will have having to spend numerous amounts of money in one splash.

It’s also easy to pick up smaller/simple tools such as saws and drills at much lower prices online and pick up really good hardware that was been used second hand on


Fit the carpet underlay yourself

Hefty mark ups for supplying and fitting underlay is protocol for carpet companies. But really it isn’t that hard a task to do by yourself. Even if you do make a few mistakes- it won’t matter too much because the new carpet will cover it, hiding any mistakes made.

Use a Stanley knife to cut the underlay to the correct size, then apply a staple gun to stick it in place. Carpet edging strips cost next to nothing if you use websites such as eBay and other various sites such as Amazon. You will find them by shopping about for the best value professionals to come and complete the carpet on top, that you have saved a few hundred off the whole process.


Taking advice and using guides.

Prior to starting the work, it’s a more sensible idea to find out how to do the job first. Theres is lots of tutorials on ‘how-to’ guides online, both visual and textual for practically any DIY project online. I’d recommend the first stop of your information hunt to be on youtube, where the videos really help illustrate exactly what it is you are supposed to do.


 Keep at a steady speed be cautious 

Try not to let errors in the production end up costing you money. If you take time to prepare for each separate job. People jump into a DIY job with the intent of saving some cash. Later to find out that they’ve cost themselves more by making common silly little errors. A good example is to always cover carpets and furniture whilst painting because even the tiniest of spills can put a dampener on your day and take chunks from your wallet.


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