Garden Furniture – On a Budget


Now that we’re finally enjoying a bit of glorious sunshine for a change and we’ve dusted off the barbecue, swept the decking and mowed the lawn (or jungle in my case), if you fancy procrastinating a bit longer and avoid weeding for another day or two, then why not focus on your garden furniture.

Plastic garden furniture may be cheap, but if you’ve left it out over winter (guilty) or if it is getting on in years, then it can quickly become brittle and that awful dingy grey colour. So why not vamp it up and get a bit more creative with your garden furniture. And don’t worry; you don’t have to spend the earth on bespoke hand-made pieces either!

One of the most popular and cheap ways to create some garden furniture is to use wooden pallets. Depending on who you know, you can pick these up for free or at least cheaply before repurposing them into some funky garden furniture. With YouTube packed with how to tutorials on creating your ideal pallet furniture of benches, tables and chairs, if you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to DIY tasks like this, then perhaps it’s best to start off with one of the more simple designs such as a table. Roughly sanding the pallets before beginning your construction is a handy way to avoid death by splinters, and don’t forget to paint some wood preserver on them too to make sure that they last as long as possible. Even better when using pallets to build with, since they come au naturel you will be able to paint them pretty much any colour you wish!

If you don’t fancy wielding a hammer, then have you considered looking into bean bags and inflatable furniture? Bean bags are squashy, comfortable and light and you can buy durable waterproof ones that will sit happily in the garden even in the rain. If you have access to an industrial sewing machine, then you can run these up yourself cheaply and simply – bean bag filling is inexpensive and that way you can choose your material exactly to your style. Inflatable furniture is even cheaper, although obviously less long lasting. Choose from sofas, armchairs, foot stools and more for the ultimate cheap and cheerful furniture. Easily deflated and stored over winter, you can even patch them if you do a spring a puncture. Word to the wise though, do make sure they aren’t going to get placed on any sharp surfaces obviously!

Garden furniture doesn’t have to necessarily mean lounging furniture – it can also be something for your shed or greenhouse for example to help you keep your gardening supplies handy. Second-hand office furniture can be great ways to help keep you organised in the garden. Old filing cabinets are compact and great for keeping your seeds organised, and even have room for any plant pots and miscellaneous things like string and scissors. And old office desks with their drawers and shelves are perfect if you prefer sitting whilst you plant out.

Finally, the perennial favourite, charity shops and flea markets are wonderful places to pick up some cheap yet good quality furniture. When people move they tend to rid themselves of extras that they can initially live without, and oftentimes this includes garden furniture. So have a rummage, and you never know what you might pick up – it could be the perfect piece for your garden! There is a comprehensive list of UK charity shops here, so see if there’s any near you that you can visit.

So with a little thought and a little effort, you too can furnish your garden with some lovely and unusual furniture, letting you relax and enjoy your garden at leisure.

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