Handy Tips for Car Maintenance


Planning a summer road trip? Or you are in your car a lot? Then make sure that it is running in tip top condition to ensure its working life is as long as possible and to avoid problems down the road.

Keeping your car well oiled 

To avoid being left stranded with a huge repair bill – you need to make sure that your vehicle isn’t going to be prone to overheating. An easy way to prevent an overheated engine is to make sure that the cars radiator is always filled with enough fluid. In a lot of cases the fluid will be green, but sometimes it can be yellow, it’s manufactured to reduce the chance of freezing in cold temperatures and overheating in warm climates. Most importantly, radiator fluid can bring down corrosion; it’s a major cause of clogging and leaking the radiator. To check for the latter, run the engine for a couple of minutes whilst the cap is applied and if it leaks, it needs repaired. If the fluid is dirty- the radiator requires a flush.

pouring oil

Replace your wipes

Brand-new windscreen wiper blades should help with keeping the outside surface of your windscreen clean, as old wipers can trap in dirt and then rub it against the glass. This will eventually start to cause a sort of haze effect, which can cause your vision to be blurred. Wipers are easy to replace and aren’t expensive to replace, so it’s worth maintaining clean wipers when opportunity arises.


Maintaining the engine

Once you’ve checked what oil is recommended for your car, how much oil the engine can store and the type of filter that is suited then you can start changing your oil and filter. New oil renewal is important because it keeps the engine running smoothly, extending its effectiveness and life. Having not much oil or dirty oil exposes the possibility of wear and overheating, and decreases the life of the engine. Not all filters are easy to access although, so if you are having difficulties contact a professional.

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Clean the surfaces

There are various different products for multiple different interior surfaces. If you drive a newer car it may only require easy to use spray and wipe style products, although it is really easy to go over the top. Dealing with the exterior of the car, acquire a pressure washer instead of going to the car wash- its more work for the car owner but it means that you wont damage the cars paint.


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