Laying Lino


Lino is not only much cheaper than tiles, but it is also much easier to lay down too. So read on to find out how you can give laying lino a go.


Tiling floors is best left to the professionals as it is imperative that they fit perfectly with no chips and of course above all flat. With lino you face no such difficulties. You can even lay fairly uneven floors with lino. As always, if you are planning to lay lino for the first time, it is advisable to start with smaller rooms such as a bathroom or a small kitchen.


Preparation, preparation, and more preparation – yes it’s the boring but vitally important part of DIY and it is pointless to skip! If it is a small room you are working in, then a single sheet of lino will fit, meaning you don’t have to do any fiddly joins which can be hard if you haven’t done them before. Using the longest wall lay the lino along this with a generous overlap. You want the lino to lie as flat as possible, so cut triangular notches out at the corners in the extra overlap of the lino. Using a bolster chisel (it has a wide flat blade), press the lino into the angle between the floor and the wall to create a sharp crease. For external corners, cut a long straight line to fit the lino around it.


Then, using a metal ruler, holding a knife at an angle, score along the lino to cut it to fit it flush to the wall. For tricky obstacles such as toilets, cut a serious of vertical cut and notches, being careful to not cut to far until you can lay the lino flat. Then using the knife, carefully cut around, cutting away the excess in the process.


Some thicker and cushioned linos require only minimal attachment to the floor at the corners, whereas others benefit from more generous attention. You can either use double sided sticky tape or an adhesive spray to affix your lino to the floor.
Although cutting the sheet to accurately fit your room is tedious, it is well worth the effort since one that is done it is easy to attach it to the floor. Just be careful with those scissors!

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