Painting Skirting Boards


Ok so nobody really dreams about painting their skirting boards when they are planning their big redecoration plans, but just because they aren’t the focal point of the room doesn’t mean that they don’t count. Scuffed, chipped and peeling skirting boards will do nothing to enhance your home décor and can make an otherwise lovely room look dingy. While not the most fun of DIY jobs, it is none-the-less one that you can easily do yourself. Find out how to make a professional job of it here.


First of all, you will need to sand the skirting board to make sure that it has a smooth and clean painting surface. If there is previous varnish or paint on it, then you may need to paint it with primer too. After sanding, wipe the skirting board with a clean cloth to get rid of any dust. You will obviously have to protect the floor and wall around the skirting board too, and masking tape does this easily. Some thin flexible card to kneel on is also handy. Make sure that you move furniture well away from the wall too to give you plenty of room to work.


Now for the actual painting part; you will want to use a fairly fine brush and nowadays there are even purpose-made slanted paint brushes exactly intended for this job, although a normal paintbrush can do just as well. Using a small amount of paint, make long brush strokes; this helps minimize drips and unevenness. If you need to do a second coat, make sure that the first is completely dry first. This also means not moving the furniture back straight away as you don’t want to damage neither your fresh paint job nor your furniture.


Gloss paint is the most practical type of paint to use of skirting boards as it will stand up to most bumps and scrapes and is easy to clean too. In addition to this is, it comes in plenty of colours too so if you do want to make a statement with your skirting boards, or want to match them to your colour scheme, then it is easy too. Since gloss paint is natural thick though, do make sure that you are painting it on thinly and keep a cloth handy to wipe up any that does drip.


So if you are redecorating, don’t forget about your skirting boards; they finish the room off and it is an easy DIY job to tackle yourself.

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