Putting Up a Shelf


Ok so you may think that it is a complete doddle to put up a shelf, but if you are a DIY novice then it can be good place to start. And anything worth doing is worth doing well, so find out how to correctly put up a shelf right here.

First things first, make sure that there is nothing behind the wall such as pipes and electrical cables using a multi-purpose digital detector. Run it over the area that you want to fix the shelf to and it will detect any hidden obstacles.


Next, be aware of the surface that you want to attach the shelf to; a stone wall will be able to withstand a far heavier load than say a simple partition wall, so choose your shelf accordingly. You will also have to be aware of how far apart the brackets must be, but handily most shelf kits nowadays will come with a guide for this. Measure the distance apart for where you would like the brackets to be and using a spirit level mark the points for the bracket screw holes with a pencil.


Then using a drill make the holes for the brackets and affix them to the wall, before laying the shelf itself across the brackets and double checking that it is perpendicular to the wall. Taking your pencil again, mark where you would like to drill the holes for the brackets on the underside of the shelf; when you are drilling these holes into the shelf, make sure that you don’t go right through! Laying the shelf back on the brackets and lining the holes up to the brackets, screw in the remaining screws. And voila you have a beautiful shelf.


One thing to remember when putting up a shelf is what its load is going to be as you don’t want it to sag or start coming away from the wall, so plan accordingly!

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