Quick & Easy Wall Decorations


Home decoration and DIY doesn’t always have to mean a full scale operation has to take place. Sometimes just a lick of paint in the right place can freshen up your home and that is why we thought we would look at one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to brighten up a room.

As we mentioned, a coat of paint can make a formally dull and dreary room look bright and energetic again. However, some people want a feature that can often lead to more costs.

Wallpaper is often used to create a feature wall but if you want nice paper you will have to expect to pay the going rate. You will also have to go through the hassle of hanging the wall paper and let’s face it, nobody likes doing that. It can be tricky to do well and having to get someone else in to do it will also be an added expense.

One great way that people are using to get round this is by using wall decals. Basically big stickers designed to feature on walls. They are quick and easy to apply and best of all they don’t cost much.

You will just need to ensure your wall is clean and dry before applying the decal before following the simple instructions that will leave you with a great feature.

This is great for living rooms, kids rooms and even bed rooms with pictures and quotes proving to be popular.

You can see by these examples below that this quick and easy technique can look great if you take the time to find the right image and apply it correctly. Plus it will save you money, time and effort having to wallpaper your whole house.

The shop pictures are from the Dead End St shop counter and the decals were bought from eBay.





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