Removing Woodchip Wallpaper


Having recently bought and moved into my very own home for the first time, as you can imagine the budget for redecorating is tight, meaning I will be DIY-ing this flat into the home of my dreams! One of the dire hangovers leftover in the flat was that unfortunately hideous 1970s monstrosity that is woodchip wallpaper. Find out how I managed to rid myself of this eyesore right here!

Speaking from recent personal experience, it’s not so simple of finding a corner and pulling the paper off. Not only will those fiendish woodchip splinters lodge themselves painfully under your fingernails, but this stuff is also stubborn and clings to the wall for dear life. So I had to up my game a bit. Snooping around the internet I read horror stories of the evil that is removing woodchip and how removing it can sometimes cause plaster to come with it so I decided to dig a little deeper and came up with a pretty good solution.

So unluckily for me the horrible woodchip had been painted over a fair few times with gloss paint so I took a scraper and scraped away as much of the woodchip as I possibly good. Note; do remember to cover your floors and furniture that are near the walls if you want to avoid endless hovering as well! Next I hired a wallpaper steamer from my local hardware shop to get rid of the rest (and unfortunately most) of the paper. Now, I’m not going to lie, this was a tedious and ever-so-slightly soul-destroying job and requires a lot of patience. I would also say that safety goggles are a necessity to avoid the debris from getting into your eyes and ditto a mouth mask. In conjunction with the steamer, use the scraper (not your fingernails!!) to remove the weakened and crumbling paper.

As I said, this is not a quick task and you will be left with aching arms and walls that look like they’ve been attacked by a madman. One positive thing about woodchip is that it hides a multitude of sins on an uneven wall, and when you remove it (along with clumps of plaster in my case) you will probably be thinking what you have started and how on earth you are going to paint or wallpaper that wall!

Here’s an example of a room, which was chipped of all of that horrible woodchip, smoothed out and brought to life. Pearlfisher is a branding agency which has offices in San Francisco, New York and Copenhagen, although it was in their London office which they decided enough was enough and to make the point of how good the designers were in the building they couldn’t have any room which didn’t amaze visitors and clients alike. This minimalist look really creates an identity for what Pearlfisher is all about and give you an idea of what you can achieve once you get rid of all the chipboard and plaster and start the wall again, leaving it fresh and new!

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So next on the list of DIY skills for me to learn, is how to skim plaster a wall; watch this space!

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